Update - Fall 2018

This is the latest news for 01Experience.

We debut at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA on December 15th!   Europe 2019 is in the works.  Industry parties and collaborators may contact us


Melissa Mari - Vocals, EWI (Solo artist, Death Under Fire)
Colin Davis - Guitars (Vile)
Stephen Paul Goodwin - Bass (Vicious Rumors)
Mike Heller - Drums (Fear Factory, Raven)

Life Artists:

Alejandro Dini , Lubomir Arsov, Lusidus, Tony Koehl, Ian Ritter, Luke Shedd, Sandra Fawn, Glenny Telford, LeeAnn Keever-Norton, Monique Aguerre, Ducky Suboreau, Kenn Brown, Roberto Demitri, Stacy Gvinn.

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About the production of our music

Background: 01Experience is a multi genre metal band, immersive visual experience and artist collective. Our music and the whole of The Art is rooted in the tradition of esoteric Alchemy. Shamanism, Gnosticism, Individuation - these are the paths of The Work which we carry forward. We create The Stone inside of ourselves and The Art becomes the outer reflection of its creation. Your interpretation of it is truly the best one, which is why this is the O-One Experience!

The Code is our debut offering. You can hear the full EP on the front page of the 01Experience website or download it on Bandcamp or ITunes.

We began writing this music in February 2015.  We had retired our prior musical projects or put them on hiatus.  We didn't know what style we wanted to produce, but we knew that we didn't want it to be anything like what we had done in the past.  We didn't even know what instruments would be involved in the orchestration.  We wanted to start from a totally naive place.  So we bought an acoustic guitar to see what would come out.  We also started using GarageBand to hash out some ideas and within 6 months we ended up with 5 songs in rough form.  Four of those songs appear on The Code.

We began to conduct band practices just between the two of us, jamming along to the computer tracks.  That got old pretty quickly!  At that time, we thought that these songs might need to be produced as electronic music and not in the standard rock and roll formula.  Amazingly, rather quickly, we found EO (Eric Oberthaller), a very talented electronic music producer and composer.  He lived close to us and we worked with him to finish the first demo mix of "Heart Will Open".  It was at this point that we realized that the music needed real drums and not just electronic beats.  There was too much rock and metal in our blood to go another way.

Amazingly we also found our recording drummer quickly. Carter Kennedy, formerly of the band Orchid was a friend of a friend.  He liked the idea of the project and the conceptual framework. We recorded his tracks at Colin's Imperial Mastering studio in the Spring of 2016. 

The search for a bassist continued for some time until I (Colin) decided to take responsibility for the bass tracking personally. I borrowed some high end basses from my friend Jack Gibson (Exodus) and over the course of the next several months, I wrote and recorded the bass lines.  Since then, we have welcomed in Stephen Paul Goodwin of Vicious Rumors on bass, an amazing talent.  

It took us a lot longer than we thought to produce the 5 songs that appear on The Code.  This was because we were developing the instrumentation as we were recording.  When Carter recorded the drums, I played along with an amplified acoustic guitar.  It was over the course of the next year, while recording and mixing, that the final state of orchestration was created. As each song reached maturity, we paid another visit to EO for some added electronic parts.

Recently, as we have built up the live set, the songs have moved more towards a hard rock/metal vibe and away from the more etheric sound of the EP. Oh well, I think the muses do have us!

- Colin Davis

Album Production Credits:

All music and lyrics written by Melissa Mari and Colin Davis.
Produced by Colin Davis and Melissa Mari. 
Recorded by Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering in Pacheco, California.

Album art design by Colin Davis.  Logo design by Alejandro Dini.  Additional artists:  Luke Shedd, Glenny Telford, Alchemist-Pac. 

Much thanks to:  All our musician team mates, Jack Gibson, Alejandro Dini, Luke Shedd and Will and Faith!