"We are o one"

01EXPERIENCE is an Alchemical metal band, artist collective and transcendent conceptual experience.

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, see event dates and prepare.


Vocals, Akai EWI / Melissa Mari
Guitars / Colin E. Davis
Drums / Mike Heller
Bass /
Stephen Paul Goodwin 


7.12.10 resize.jpg

The Code

by The 01Experience

"Oh my f**king goodness this is great.  I recommend you listen to "Not An Ordinary Life", then just listen to the whole thing afterwards.  Brilliant, and thank you for letting Anarchy-1 play your stuff."  - Bo Krogsgaard, A-1 Anarchy Radio, Copenhagen Denmark

"A rich and textured affair, The Code warrants multiple listens to glean its optimum rewards. Its complex, layered and filled with ideas that, like philosophy, need to keep being revisited to fully take flight. Wondrous and brilliant work." - Alex Green, Stereo Embers Magazine

"Melissa has a great voice...I felt the transformative intention and would definitely like to see a live show and experience the ritual aspect." - Andrew S.

"Fans of multi genre rock and metal will love this band.  Although totally unique, The Gathering and Opeth come to mind." -  Inner Flame


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