An Alchemical Rock Opera

The 01 Experience is a live, multi media musical project, based on the story of Will and Faith.  01 comes to you in the Rock Opera format – for example The Who’s Tommy or Jesus Christ Superstar, but uses 21st century technology to enhance its impact even more! Supporting the performers is movie projection and projection mapped set design.  Also included are elements such as initiation ritual, live painting and visual art displays throughout the venue. Live performances will be orchestrated in collaboration with other musical performers to complete a full evening of transformational experience.

A conceptual framework for the story of Will and Faith is here.

The curators and founding members of The 01 Experience are Colin E. Davis (Guitar) and Melissa Mari (vocals), who reside in the California Bay Area. Both are lifetime musicians as well as spiritual alchemists dedicated to the advancement of their consciousness and the sharing of their alchemical philosophy by way of music, art, books, and lectures. The 01 line-up also consists of Carter Kennedy on drums and electronic music producer Eric Oberthaller co-producing the electronic and ambient elements of the project.  A multi genre bassist is currently sought.

Live performance is aligned with the three stages of western alchemy – Nigredo, Albedo and Rubedo.  The current performance focuses on Nigredo, the blackening stage, which deals with the human shadow and the trials and tribulations of the alchemist passing through spiritual and cultural darkness.

The story’s heroes, Will Shock and Faith Martina are investigators of a secretive and powerful international “Council” which influences cultural affairs and carries out its own dark, esoteric agenda.  Our heroes have both been personally maligned by the Council and have taken a vow to undermine its operations.  Neither of them could have expected that their journey would not only take them on dangerous foreign missions, but to domains of very high strangeness and to mind-blowing realizations about the nature of their own internal states of being.  Will and Faith begin by battling the perceived forces of cultural darkness, but over time, come to realize evil’s non-local, subjective and viral nature.  More and more, they come to find that no external revolution will occur without their own internal evolution.

On their journey they are thwarted by the external effects of their ancestral viral programming, but equally assisted by the archetypal spirits of human evolution, especially that of the newly forming global entity, Homo Bilancia.

The musical aspect of the project began in early 2015 and the story is now coming forth. A comic book will detail the story and the continuing evolution of the live performances.  A pre-production audio file is linked at the bottom of this page.  The first 01 Experience EP is currently being produced (March 2016).

Contact Colin Davis and Melissa Mari for more information.  Artists and alchemists interested in collaborating are welcome to make contact.  livinginthemovie at gmail dot com

The 01 Experience is a project under the guidance of The Imaginal Trust, a non-profit common law foundation.

The following trade experts are sought for advisement or colaboration:

Comic book artists and story writer
Other visual artists
Studio and live multi genre musicians (professionals, as needed)
Live video artist and projection mapper
Philosophers in spiritual alchemy, Jungian thought and eastern metaphysics
Music-performance trade management and PR
Financial benefactors