February, 2018

Subject matter background:

The 01EXPERIENCE  is a multi genre metal band, a theatrical event and an intentional vehicle for shamanic communication.  

As of February 2018, the band is in its final stages of pre-production.  Live performances will begin in California this year.    

The creators of The 01EXPERIENCE, Melissa Mari and Colin Davis are life long rock and metal musicians and they are also specialists in the practice of alchemical shadow work. They are the authors of the book "Shadow Tech - Cracking the Codes of Personal and Collective Darkness".    The 01EXPERIENCE merges rock/metal musical performance with shamanic principles and practices into a totally unique form of performance art.   

Davis is the founder and songwriter for the extreme metal band VILE, which s considered by many to be foundational in "second wave" American death metal music.  Mari is a unique Bay Area based performance artist who explored many styles until she found her spiritual home in metal music with the band Death Under Fire.

The rock/metal live concert is already a spiritual ritual.  Theatrics and high tech set design can and do deepen the audience's experience, but an intentionally created shamanic vehicle for the purposes of awakening the consciousness of the audience is uncharted territory and the unique intention of The 01EXPERIENCE.  




Music with a spiritual message in its lyrics can be powerful but is commonplace.  Rock music


But live performance art which serves as an alchemical, shamanic practice heretofore unknown to modern western society.