Update-Summer 2018

This is the latest news for The 01Experience

The 01Experience is a multi genre metal band but also an immersive live experience and artist collective.  The subject matter is alchemy and in the current stage, "The Shadow".

After 3 years of writing and planning, we are nearing live performance stage.  Expect nothing less than what Colin and his crew of pros are known for!  :-)  San Francisco, L.A., and the west coast are the first destinations for our live shows beginning Fall 2018.  Europe in 2019 is in the works.  Booking agents get in touch

A new promo video of Shedding the Skin is on YouTube

The band and crew members are as follows:

Melissa Mari - Vocals and EWI (electronic wind instrument) (Solo artist, Death Under Fire)
Colin E. Davis - Guitars (Vile)
Stephen Paul Goodwin - Bass (Vicious Rumors)
Carter Kennedy - Drums (Orchid, The Watchers)

Thilo Fehlinger - Live Sound
Luke Shedd - VJ and multimedia
Tony Koehl - Set art and design, live painting

We are very excited to have such a brilliant developing crew and band mates!  Everyone involved has a long history of top notch professionalism and international touring. 

We are currently seeking additional crew and collaborators, especially in the Bay Area but also abroad.  Artists of all kinds whose works deal with the esoteric arts, the shadow and transformation are encouraged to contact us.  This could mean live painters, visual artists, jewelers, sculptors, and more.  We can use your work in our live projections and if you are local, you may set up your work at the venue when we play. 

Huge thanks goes to the artists who have so far allowed us to feature their art in our projections.  We look forward to many more relationships!   

Alejandro Dini
Lubomir Arsov
Tony Koehl
Luke Shedd
Kenn Brown
Roberto Demitri
Stacy Gvinn