Update - Fall 2018

This is the latest news for 01Experience.

We debut at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA on December 15th!   Europe 2019 is in the works.  Industry parties and collaborators may contact us


Melissa Mari - Vocals, EWI (Solo artist, Death Under Fire)
Colin Davis - Guitars (Vile)
Stephen Paul Goodwin - Bass (Vicious Rumors)
Mike Heller - Drums (Fear Factory, Raven)

Life Artists:

Alejandro Dini , Lubomir Arsov, Lusidus, Tony Koehl, Ian Ritter, Luke Shedd, Sandra Fawn, Glenny Telford, LeeAnn Keever-Norton, Monique Aguerre, Ducky Suboreau, Kenn Brown, Roberto Demitri, Stacy Gvinn.

Textiles by We Need Merch